Carrefour has reopened its first concept store, introducing a series of innovations, including strategically distributed self-service totems. Each sector of the store has at least one totem, offering a range of personalized services. Customers can easily explore the entire catalog of products available on Carrefour's e-commerce (, as well as access the various services offered in the store, such as printing coupons, viewing offers, tips, recipes, and essential services such as pharmacy, flower shop, and bakery.
A notable example is the implementation of totems in the Perishables sector, which effectively eliminate queuing problems, strategically positioned at the entrance to the section. This approach was designed to provide the best possible customer experience, inspired by the practices of Carrefour's renowned stores in France and Spain. The integration of technology aims to simplify and add convenience to the consumer's shopping journey, reflecting the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in customer service.

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